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Helen Angus English Teaching offers the highest level of bespoke English tuition to a select clientele and their families. With students ranging from corporate executives to private London-based clients, and parents of fluent English speakers to global individuals who aspire to communicate with ease in the world’s shared language, you can be sure you are in the best hands.

My approach

I take the time to understand why you want to learn English and the contexts in which you will use it, enabling the trust and rapport essential for effective learning.

Helen Angus Online English Teaching

Whether you’ll be speaking in the boardroom, networking at events, making small talk with native English speakers, conversing with your children’s teachers or travelling the globe, my tailored approach will give you the confidence and credibility to navigate business and personal situations with graceful ease.

Lessons are planned around your requirements and your learning style, empowering you with the knowledge and practice you need to succeed. It is a high quality, personalised approach that leads to most of my new clients coming from personal recommendations.

Private English Online lessons


Personalised one-to-one teaching for over15 years

A native Londoner, Birmingham University graduate and qualified teacher, I have over fifteen years’ experience of bespoke, one-to-one English tuition.

I have taught executives and their families from leading international companies in London (including Apple, BNP Paribas, British American Tobacco, GlaxoSmithKline and Mondelez) and private individuals in London, Moscow, Kazan, Jürmala, Forte dei Marmi and Verbier.

Now based in Valencia, Spain, my teaching practice is delivered entirely online, enabling me to respond nimbly to the needs of my busy, international client base.

I am learning Russian and Spanish, so I understand being in the position of the language learner. This helps me to empathise and develop the most effective ways to communicate the English language.

What you get

· To enable me to understand your specific needs and goals.

· To define a personalised framework for future lessons.

· We schedule lessons and follow our plan.

· You receive an audio recording of my voice with all your corrections at the end of every lesson.

· You receive engaging homework designed individually for you.

· Repetition is essential in language learning but correct repetition is the key. 

· Vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation will not be forgotten as we will use them again and again in different contexts and interesting ways until you fully assimilate them.

· Personalised tasks and feedback.

Tell me your requirements and let's reach your goals

benefits of online tutoring

Instant visual feedback

You can see corrections immediately as I write in the ‘chat’: ideal for visual learners

Saved conversation history

The conversation history is stored, so you can review all previous lessons on any devise at any time

Immediate information

I can quickly share with you any definitions, translations or pictures for additional explanation and clarity

Anywhere, anytime

You can learn from the comfort of your home or from anywhere in the world at a time convenient to you

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I take the time to understand why you want to learn English and the contexts in which you will use it, enabling the trust and rapport essential for effective learning.


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